Audrey Lash is a shorter length full volume dense lash

100% vegan faux mink magnetic lashes. 
Easy to apply!
Lasts all day!!
Up to 40 uses!!!

Each lash strip has 5 strong magnets that attract to magnetic eyeliner. 

Lashes can last up to 40 uses when cared for properly. 
Store lashes in it’s box after each use.

•Apply a thin layer of mascara to your natural lashes.  •Apply 2 to 3 layers of magnetic liner along lash line. •Allow 1 to 2 minutes dry time between layers.   
•Apply lashes starting at the inner corner. 
•Pinch lashes together with your natural lash.  

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To clean lashes use a clean dry cotton swab to gently remove excess liner from each of the magnets.  Do NOT use makeup removers or alcohol directly on lash strip.

Audrey Lash