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Haircut & Style (includes shampoo) $32

Clipper Cut (men) $22

Little Woman Haircut & Style $13

Little Man Clipper Cut $11











Not sure what color service to book? 

Here is a description of different hair color techniques

If you have questions before you book you may email me 




Free-hand painted highlights on the hair with the use of lightener. Creates a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. Resulting in a look of hair lightened by the sun, or the natural highlights on a child.  If you have dark hair or desire a very light result you may want to choose "Foilage"

Starts at $125


A combination of foil highlights and balayage with the use of lightener.  Best for lighter results on a darker base or previously colored hair.

Starts at $125

Baby-lights or Strand-lights: 

Very fine, subtle highlights, with the use of lightener, that are meant to look like the natural hair color of small children. Color is brighter at the crown and the ends of the hair. This is a great way to hide or blend a lower percentage of grey.  A very natural looking result with more highlights towards the root area.

Starts at $125

Lived In Highlights (natural look):

A highlighting technique using back combing and foil with lightener to create ultra natural,  just back from the beach, looking color.

Starts at $140

Base color / Grey coverage & highlight: 

Base color is the color of the hair before highlights usually a darker root color, or color used to cover grey. Highlights are lighter pieces throughout the hair usually done with foils.

Starts at $125

Base color/ Grey coverage & Glaze: 

Root (new growth) touch up, usually a darker color, or color used to cover grey. Glaze is a sheer color applied to all of the hair to tone brassy highlights or add shine to dull hair.

Starts at $110


Highlight: Partial, Full, or mini hairline:

Traditional highlighting done with foils

Partial- just around front and part   Full- foils in all sections of the head

Starts at $75/$98

Other Services

Deep Conditioning Treatments


Eyebrow Shape & Tint

Facial Hair removal (Waxing)

Makeup Application (consultation required)

Formal Hair Styling for Special Events



lash lift


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